Food is Medicine

Very recently I decided that I would return to a pescatarian diet, which means I am a vegetarian who eats seafood. My reasons are mainly health-related, including the health of the planet, but I would never judge anyone for eating meat, pot calling the kettle black really!

Lately, I’ve gone for local whiting fillets that are usually on our special board…oh and Sydney Rock oysters (Coffs Coast) with red wine shallot vinegar. I often enjoy them on a Sunday with a glass of Rothbury’s Estate Honeybomb Chardonnay with my partner, Callum while sitting on the Island View Deck.

As the owner of a restaurant, I have access to any food I wish to eat, anytime. Spoilt! We are extremely blessed to have our pristine region chockers full of amazing local food suppliers, including boutique farmers, specialty growers and fishing trawlers.

So what to eat? Today I chose a dish that we simply cannot take off the menu as it is so popular. Our Roasted Pumpkin, Beetroot & Haloumi salad with greens, balsamic glaze and dukkah sprinkle. It’s healthy, vegetarian, delicious and satisfying.

For something more hearty, on occasion, I’ll order Shekhar’s Coconut & Chickpea Curry with his housemade flatbread. This is totally vegan but doesn’t feel like a “vegan” meal at all. It’s full of flavour, the chickpeas are loaded with protein and the bread is to die for.

Of course, for our vegan friends who have a craving for a burger (it honestly looks and tastes like meat), we recently added the world-famous Beyond Burger to our menu. Beautifully constructed with plant-based ingredients including “cheese” and “mayo”, the tomato relish tops it off nicely. Add some chunky chips and a beer (we also have a zero alcohol Heinekin for those who are extra healthy) and Bob’s your uncle.

Love it!

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