We are beyond excited to be opening up on Monday, June 1 after being closed down for the last 8 weeks or so. There has been much painting and decorating and redesigning of menus and we can’t wait to show you all!

During ISO I was so inspired by the Netflix series, Restaurants on the Edge, where I heard the phrase “Food is Love” often and decided this perfectly describes the essence of what we are all about.

In this American TV show, a restaurant is featured each episode, shot in various exotic locations around the world: The Caribbean, Norway, Canada, and even Slovakia. These establishments are in unique places with spectacular views and passionate owners, but all were on the brink of going bust, and needed help, quickly!

The designer, Karin, the chef, Dennis and the restaurateur, Nick swooped in (from LA I suppose) and transformed the business, seemingly overnight, changing the owner’s lives! Dennis focussed on finding fresh local produce to feature on the menu. Nick found ways to connect with the local community in new ways. Karin designed a quirky new style for the interior using a mix of new and traditional decor pieces (and usually blue walls I noticed).

I loved the simplicity of what their team came up with. It seemed so obvious in hindsight, but the owners had been so stuck in a rut, they couldn’t see the possibilities. They were shocked and surprised at the results. Yes most cried, and it was dramatic (but great reality TV).

We were almost a Restaurant on the Edge after all the “hoo-ha” of the last couple of months and not knowing what would happen to us all! It was even a little scary at times. However, we have swooped in with our own team of clever designers, chefs and restaurateurs (straight out of Coffs Harbour).  Our dream is that we will bring more celebration and even more local connection and community into our Club’s restaurant. We hope our guests feel the love in every single bite.

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