Before you start – 5 things to remember

  1. Do a proper welcome – Sets the tone of the day, and welcomes everyone into the space. Perhaps everyone gives a brief intro, and consider name tags.
  2. Ask for phones to be on silent and away in bags for obvious reasons!
  3. Speak slowly and with inflection. You need to be understood firstly and not sound monotone – which can be hard to listen to.
  4. Use eye contact. Sweep the room with your eyes so everyone feels included. Someone once told me “like hosing the lawn”.
  5. Don’t talk for more than twenty minutes at time – concentration will start to lapse.
  6. Have interactive breaks and give your guests a chance to rejuvenate body and mind. Mix it up, get them moving, switch the brains back on! Get them to dance, do some simple yoga moves, walk outside, answer a brain teaser, you get the idea!
  7. Be on time for meal breaks. The venue will have scheduled your meals at the time you requested when booking. If these need to be changed last minute the food may have already been prepared and you risk food being sub standard. If the food has to sit around for more than a few minutes, the chefs will have to re cook or remake all the meals due to health and safety regulations.

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