9 things to do to prepare yourself

  1. Arrive Early – at least 45 mins to an hour. Time to check out the space, talk to the venue staff, grab a drink and do some deep breathing or relaxing. We have views of the ocean, which are guaranteed to calm you!
  2. Check the equipment – Check the cables, your laptop and make sure all are connected and working. Don’t panic if something looks wrong, sometimes it’s something very simple (have your turned on the power button – it happens)! Another reason to arrive early.
  3. Check the wifi – have you got a decent signal? Need a password? Do you have enough mobile data just in case?
  4. Have a back up plan – even the most well laid plans can go wrong. If so, do you have plan B? What if the sound fails or there’s a black out? Can you change the schedule last minute?
  5. Brief the venue – is there something special you need? Have you forgotten something? Now is the time to ask for it.
  6. Have plenty of water handy – lots, with ice. Your voice box will need lubricating and your brain will need cooling. The venue supervisor will help with this.
  7. Don’t drink too much coffee if it makes you talk too fast or get anxious. Consider drinking tea or decaf.
  8. Find the evacuation plan – every venue must have an evacuation plan on the wall showing emergency exits and congregation points. Read them yourself and make sure to point them out to everyone on arrival.
  9. Stick to the schedule – you need to be on time, for the food breaks, and to keep the day on track. If you go over time or even under time, advise the venue supervisor so meal times can be adjusted with plenty of notice.

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