The Wedding Blog

As one of Coffs Harbour’s most successful wedding venues, I get to talk to couples looking to get married by the ocean on a regular basis. I love to chat to them and find out what it is they are looking for in a wedding venue and what are the greatest challenges they face.

Often it’s timing, being limited to a certain date, holiday or season depending on work, family schedules and budget (week nights and Fridays are less expensive).

There is also the “Instagram” and “Pinterest” bride (and groom….occasionally) who has their heart set on a certain look or setting (garden weddings are very popular at the moment).

Styling has become paramount and details are everything! Gone are the days of the traditional three tier fruitcake, flounced bridal table and sugared almond bomboniere (although I predict there will be a “vintage” comeback very soon)!

Of course there were reasons why traditional weddings worked so flawlessly. The bridal table was designed so guests could “visit” the bridal couple, who got to relax and soak up the attention. Mums and bridesmaids did the organising so the bride didn’t get stressed. Dads and the boys looked after cars, speeches and of course, the bar!

Brides today take a lot on, most are working and some have young children! And step families! That is a lot of pressure for one day!

Wedding planners are a wonderful help, as is the wedding venue itself (most event organisers will help with planning… as I most certainly do).

I’m hoping “classy yet casual seaside” and “bridechillas” (no bridezillas) will always make their way to our Surf Club…it really is THE most relaxing way to go. We love weddings! Everyone is so happy!

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